Our GUADALMINA SPA is there to pamper you. Offering wellbeing treatments and health and beauty for both body and face. Forget the daily routine, relax and seek advice from our therapists. With products from the prestigious Germaine de Cappuccini, we have different treatment techniques. We will be happy to accommodate your needs.

SPA (75min.aprox.)

20€ (hotel Guest) -  27€ (External Guest)

Hydrotherapy warm pool with Jacuzzi, relaxing beds with bubbles, different jets for the body (neck, shoulders, back, arms, abdomen or legs),  footbath, dynamics showers: cold (cryotherapy), warm-essence (relaxing essence) and bi-thermal (thermo-cryotherapy), sauna (dry hot), steam room (wet hot), and a cold pool.
Relaxing room with mineral water to drink, seasonal fresh fruits and music.
  • Swimming cap   2€
  • Flip-flops  2€
  • swimming cap & slippers 3€



Wonderful massages combining properties of the main active ingredients with relaxing pressures to restore the physical and energy balance of body, mind and spirit.

  • Local (25min.) 50€
  • Legs & feet  (40min.) 60€
  • Relaxing-aromatic  (50 min.) 70€
  • Candle Massage  (50 min.) 70€
  • Total Relaxation  (75 min.) 90€
  • Lymphatic drainage (75 min.) 90€
  • Reducing  (50 min.) 70€
  • Firming-up  (50 min.) 70€
  • Underwater  (25 min.) 30€


Innovative body treatments inspired by the benefits of the sea & nature, which guarantee incredible results in the skin and fullest possible pleasure for the senses.

  • Marine exfoliation by Germaine de Capuccini (25min.) 30€
  • Vitamin C+ by Germaine de Capuccini  (70min.) 70€
  • Souk Guadalmina by Germaine de Capuccini (50min.) 50€
  • Refreshing Aloe by Germaine de Capuccini (50min.) 50€
  • Seaweed (70min.) 70€
  • Green Clay (70min.) 70€



Germaine de Capuccini designs advanced facial treatments for all skin types by combining exquisite protocols.

  • Facial Cleansing by Germaine de Capuccini (65min.) 75€
  • Antiage by Germaine de Capuccini (50min.) 65€
  • Moisturizing by Germaine de Capuccini (50min.) 65€
  • Men by Germaine de Capuccini (50min.) 65€
  • Vitamin C+ A.G.E  by Germaine de Capuccini (65min.) 75€
  • Global Antiage SRNS by Germaine de Capuccini (65min.) 75€
  • Oxygen by Germaine de Capuccini (65min.) 75€


Guadalmina Spa wants to pamper you offering promotions and varied offers through the year. Forget the daily routine, relax and enjoy with us.



For your convenience and to provide you a better service, it is necessary to take an appointment in advance for your treatments.
We recommend guest arrive, at least, 10 minutes prior to their Schedule appointment to allow an introduction.
The Spa area and the treatments are only open to people over the age of 18.
Towels and disposable underwear, for the different treatments, are included.
For your health and safety, it is obligatory to use flip-flops and swimming cap in the thermal area. You can use yours, or you can buy it here: kit (3€ vat. incl.), flip-flops (2€ vat. incl.) or swimming cap (2€ vat. incl.). Also it is obligatory to use the swimming suit, even into the sauna.
Please, inform the Spa staff if you are pregnant or if you suffer from any of the following conditions: epilepsy, diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, heart problems or if you are taking any medication.
All our treatments and services are under appointment and subject to availability.


Hot wax, warm wax roll-on & tweezers pluck.

  • Eyebrows 10€
  • Upper Lip 6€
  • Chin 8€
  • Arms 20€
  • Underarms 12€
  • Bikini Line 15€
  • Brazilian Bikini Line 25€
  • Complete Bikini Line 35€
  • Half Legs 15€
  • Full Legs 30€
  • Back 32€
  • Chest 32€ 



  • Cut & File Feet 13€ 
  • File & Polish Hands 17€
  • File & Polish Feet 20€
  • Remove Shelac Hands 12€
  • Remove Shelac Feet 15€ 
  • Manicure 30€
  • Pedicure 40€ 
  • Spa Manicure 45€
  • Spa Pedicure 55€ 
  • Comp.Treatment Remove Shelac  5€
  • Special Polish 5€ 



There is no charge for any changes or modifications made up to 4 hours prior to your appointment. If made within 4 hours of the appointment, you will be charged 100% of the total price of the booking. 
If a customer is late and it is not possible to reschedule their treatment, the duration of the service will be reduced. If the duration of the treatment cannot be reduced, it will be cancelled as per the cancellation policy.
Cancellations are only accepted at the spa reception.


7:00-23:00 (Exclusive use for clients staying at the hotel)

Devote time to your body, using the different machines that we put at your disposal:
  • Elliptical.
  • Bicycle.
  • Ergonomic seat bicycle.
  • Dumbbells.
  • 2 bench press or abdominal bench.
  • Mats.
  • Pilate´s balls for stretch or strengthen.


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